3 days of classes for rookies and the experienced alike on everything from polyamory to punching; we bring together some of our favorite presenters from around the country and some of the best our local region has to offer for a line-up of diverse voices, ideas, and topics

2 nights of parties with a club aesthetic and a fun, social energy; we bring in plenty of classic equipment plus suspension rigs, ageplay space, petplay corner, medical area, dexter room, and cigar terrace

1 event where you’re equally likely to see nun-on-preist blowjobs, forced cupcake play, or stunning rope; where high-protocol M/s leather, D/s-resistant fetishists, and cross-dressing furries try out violet wands together; where we bring in respected presenters but still want to learn from you in open space and hear your stories at open mic and see your inventions in our iron pervertibles contest.

Get ready for Debauchery 2014 – April 25-27 – Greensboro, NC - Register Today!

4 days 2 hours 44 minutes until Debauchery 2014 


questions?  comments?  email info@debaucherync.com